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Al-Iman Islamic Society

Al-Iman Islamic Society since its inception in 1995 is an internationally recognized professional halal certification body formed to meet business demands globally in halal business certifications and compliance particularly in the Oceania continent. Among the leading role, Al-Iman Islamic Society strives to provide is high quality unbiased physical inspection and auditing services for the manufacturing of meat, processed foods inter alia. All supervision is strictly and professionally maintained under the stringent Australian government supervised program. Among Al-Iman Islamic Society main responsibility is to supervise all halal killings of animals under the strict Islamic Sharia’s laws of slaughtering as per the requirement in GSO 993 and MS 1500:2009.

Al-Iman Islamic Society is a Muslim entity with profound understanding of the proper supply of halal products/services to Muslims and shall take appropriate steps that ensure Islamic responsibilities are fulfilled in all its activities. Al-Iman Islamic Society shall be responsible for, and shall retain authority for, its decisions relating to certification, including the granting, maintaining, renewing, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawing of certification amongst others. Al-Iman Islamic Society promotes the adoption of a process approach when developing, implementing and improving the effectiveness of its Quality Management Systems (QMS) to enhance customer satisfaction by exceeding if not; meeting customer requirements.


This integrated Manual specifies the intentions of Al-Iman Islamic Society to set a requirement which conforms with the following standards:
a. ISO 9001:2015
b. GSO/UAE/SMIIC 2055-2
c. MS 1500:2009

This Manual only applies to halal certification bodies adopting (performing) the field of service and product certification.

The actions and methods cover the following specifications below;
a) Al-Iman Islamic Society shall ensure that it can demonstrate its ability to consistently provide services that meet applicable regulatory requirements.
b) Al-Iman Islamic Society shall enhance accreditation satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

Complementary References

MS ISO 9001:2015- Quality Management Systems- Requirements
• Malaysian MS standards 1500:2009

MS ISO/IEC 17065:2012 – Conformity assessment -- Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services

MS ISO/IEC 17021:2011 – Conformity assessment -- Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems

UAE/SMIIC/GSO 2055-2 - General Requirements for Halal Certification Bodies

Context of The Organization

Al-Iman Islamic Society is a registered organization (Registration Number: A003200W) which shall be an entity that can be held legally responsible to all actions taken in this management requirements.

It is the responsibility of Al-Iman Islamic Society to carry out applicable certification activities in such a manner to meet the requirements of the ISO 17065:2012 Standards, MS 1500:2009 to satisfy the needs of the customer and to continually improve the effectiveness of the management system.

Mission Statement

i) To establish a work standard that exceeds if not; meet the major global requirements for international accreditation and recognition in adding value to local exporters.
ii) To lead the world standard and initiative in implementing workable and practical Halal policy, enforcement and accreditation compliance in the Halal industry.
iii) To be a leading and successful diversified conglomerate towards promoting comprehensive Halal Super Corridor that compromises of Halal Sharia, Science, Operations and Infrastructure.

Organization Culture

Consuming halal is obligatory for Muslims. Al-Iman Islamic Society as a responsible driver of community excellence particularly in Australia had decided to undertake this role to come forward and serve this basic needs of the Muslim community at large by taking explicitly active responsibility in halal regulatory. This task though challenging can be made easier with the implementation of the available standards run simultaneously with the right system.

Objective approach

Al-Iman Islamic Society as a representative Islamic body aims to be a responsible professional unbiased halal certifier guided by both local and global requirements and where all decisions are being made objectively and that all decision making is transparent and fair for both Al-Iman Islamic Society itself and the client. There shall be no compromise though on fatwa issues and monetary gains shall not be the main driver of any halal initiatives initiated by either party.

Organization Structure

Al-Iman Islamic Society organizational structure very much complies to the required global standard holistic approach and complies to the international ISO standards requirements. Starting from the very beginning of the process right to the appeal committee, Al-Iman Islamic Society ensures every individual involved in their halal process is qualified, maintains impartiality and is actively involved in the whole process.


Overall customer satisfaction is what Al-Iman Islamic Society Incorporated focusses on when dealing with halal certification request by clients such as by providing a fair non-discriminatory views and reports on the current system adopted by the client and how to move on from there. For reject halal cases, there are rooms for clients to appeal which is conducted fairly and efficiently. This shows the commitment that the company strive to be.