Islamic rules

It means what ALLAH legislates for Muslims as per the Holy Qur’an, and the practices (Sunnah) of honorable Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Halal Certificate

The document endorses that product or service or systems identified match the provisions of Islamic rules regarding the Halal aspects and include: Halal slaughtering certificates, Halal certificates for facilities and farms, slaughterhouses and facilities classified as "Halal" certificates of food components, food additives and ingredients containing meat and essences, rennet, gelatin, fat and animal oils and their derivatives.

Halal mark/ logo

An approved mark/ logo that is granted to the Halal product/service or management system which comply to this standard.


A process undertaken by a Halal certification body to assess the competence of specific product or services, based on particular standard(s) and/or other normative documents.


An expression of dissatisfaction by any person or organization, to a Halal certification body, where a response is expected.


Rendering the right of use of mark ineffective for a specified period by the decision of the Halal certification body in relation to the Halal certificate previously granted.


A person or a legal entity who applies for certification of Halal for a product/service.

Certificate Owner/certified client/supplier

A certified person or a legal entity who supplies the product/service or management system as per the halal requirements.


Overall customer satisfaction is what Al-Iman Islamic Society Incorporated focusses on when dealing with halal certification request by clients such as by providing a fair non-discriminatory views and reports on the current system adopted by the client and how to move on from there. For reject halal cases, there are rooms for clients to appeal which is conducted fairly and efficiently. This shows the commitment that the company strive to be.